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MAX AppLock – Fingerprint Lock, Security Center APK
Max AppLock is an app to add a virtual lock to any app installed on your device. With it you can set a different lock pattern for your image gallery, your email app, or your chat app.

Besides being able to create a lock screen, AppLock (MAX) provides some highly interesting features. The first lets you take a selfie of anyone who tries to open one of your locked apps. This lets you find out exactly who is trying to 'break into' your phone.

Another, subtler feature in AppLock (MAX) gives you the option to substitute your lock screen with an error report. Thanks to this option, you can protect your apps without anyone realizing they're actually locked.

AppLock (MAX) is a good lock app that lets you protect your more appreciated apps in various different ways. Plus the app has a cleaner that lets you delete junk files from your device.

Block apps with different patterns

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